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The Best Industrial Contractors in Dallas, Texas

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It is no question that Dallas is already an industrial powerhouse. The city is well-known for producing many different items, such as electronics, machinery, and transportation equipment. But the current economic setup has upped the game even more. With a quick and growing shift to online shopping, the demand for warehouse spaces skyrocketed. As a result, many industrial developers across the U.S. are flocking to the city to amass vast industrial areas. Amazon, for example, already rented a million-square-foot distribution center in Southern Dallas.

The current business climate presents immense opportunities for industrial contractors. These contractors are a great help—from site analysis, estimation, to construction management. And whether it’s a buildout or a tenant improvement, a reliable contractor understands industrial facilities’ technicalities and complexities. To help you find the best industrial contractor in the area, we listed the 15 best industrial contractors in Dallas. We ranked these contractors based on their expertise, work history, awards, and actual industrial projects.

Top Industrial Contractors

TDIndustries, Inc.

13850 Diplomat Drive, Dallas, TX 75234

About TDIndustries, Inc.

Operating for over 75 years, TDIndustries is an established construction firm in the Southwest. The company has vast experience in manufacturing and industrial projects, with $700 million in projects in 2020. The firm specializes in high-tech projects and can sail through the process without hampering operations. The firm is also known for prioritizing the well-being of its employees. This 100% employee-owned firm has been consistently in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For across 21 years.

Efficiency and safety were the paramount needs when TDIndustries worked on the McCommas Bluff Biomethane Extraction Plant in Dallas. The firm had to implement extra safety measures since the facility contains flammable elements like methane. The highlight of the project was the construction of the innovative Primary Sulfur Extraction Process. This project involved 800 varieties of welds and almost 4,000 feet of stainless steel and polypropylene piping, prefabricated by TD’s partners. Learn more about their work at

Rogers-O’Brien Construction

1901 Regal Row, Dallas, TX 75235

About Rogers-O’Brien Construction

As its name suggests, Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) is built upon the foundation laid by mechanical engineer Steve Rogers and civil engineer Pat O’Brien. In five decades of business, the legacy of the two has been passed on to generations. Today, the firm is family-owned and led by its third generation of builders.

The largest industrial project in the firm’s portfolio is for Niagara, another family owned-and-operated company. This company is a giant beverage supplier in the U.S., producing bottled waters to grocery stores, club stores, convenience, and wholesale clients. RO constructed two ground-up water bottling and distribution plants for Niagara. One is in Temple, totaling 553,000 square feet. The other is in Seguin, sitting on 30.77 acres of land with a value of $85 million.

Ridgemont Commercial Construction

1520 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75038

About Ridgemont Commercial Construction

If you need an approachable construction manager available anytime, then you should consider Ridgemont Commercial Construction. Practicing a client-friendly approach, the firm has gained the favor of customers through its mastery of communication–so much that 80% of its business is repeat clients. Likewise, the company has established relationships with its employees and subcontractors, being a regular on the list of Top 100 Places to Work, according to The Dallas Morning News and Dallas Business Journal.

Ridgemont Commercial Construction’s networking is the key to its success in the industrial sector. Having the best connections with specialty subcontractors (i.e. metal building, tilt-wall) enables the firm to provide the best value per square foot at the lowest cost. Because of expertise in construction management, industrial clients commend the firm for its 24/7 availability and concern for their business. So far, Ridgemont Commercial Construction has already worked on various industrial projects: distribution centers, cross-dock, manufacturing, office/warehouse, research & development, and value flex space.

Joeris General Contractors

3030 LBJ Frwy. Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75234

About Joeris General Contractors

For over 50 years, Joeris General Contractors has operated from the ambition to build structures that go beyond transforming people and places. To do so, the firm spent its years polishing its process from pre-construction to construction and close-out. In result, the company has amassed many accreditations and awards, with 30 recognitions from just the past two years. These awards and recognitions are for a diversity of reasons: specific projects, service expertise like masonry, and other practices such as safety.

One of the award-winning industrial projects of Joeris General Contractors is the RSG Hangar, pictured above. Evident from its impressive appearance, this state-of-the-art residential plane hangar earned it the 2020 ABC Excellence in Construction Award. Located in a remote area of Texas Hill Country, this project features a rugged sophisticated design reminiscent of a World War II hangar. However, what is more interesting in this project is how the firm weaved functionality within the design. The cupola, for example, serves a dual purpose of aesthetic and function: it was built to provide balanced natural light and mechanical ventilation.

Arch-Con Corporation

8235 Douglas Ave. #1000, Dallas, TX 75225

About Arch-Con Corporation

Industrial projects have a special place in the history of Arch-Con® Corporation. After the recession in 2011, industrial projects helped the firm recover. In 2016, the company marked the Park 20 Distribution Center as its first Dallas project where Arch-Con Corporation’s revenue soared over $200 million. And in 2019, the firm started amassing over $500 million in revenue.

The industrial performance of Arch-Con has reached millions of square feet of manufacturing centers and distribution warehouses. The Southlink Logistics Center alone is 1.04 million square feet, making it among Dallas’s most extensive industrial developments. The firm also constructed a public roadway, public infrastructure, industrial building, and siphonic roof drain system for this project. This industrial complex on Cleveland Road is now an Amazon fulfillment center.

Hill & Wilkinson

2703 Telecom Pkwy. Ste. 120, Richardson, TX 75082

About Hill & Wilkinson

Humility is one of the best-known traits of Hill & Wilkinson’s founder Luther Hill. Five decades later, the firm has maintained Hill’s legacy by maintaining a modest “small business” attitude despite handling high-profile and significant projects. In the Warehouse & Distribution area alone, the firm has built facilities over a million square feet—from corporate build-to-suit, LEED-certified, up to speculative projects. The high-profile projects in this sector include distribution centers for Mercedes-Benz USA and L’Oreal Active Cosmetics Division (ACD)

Aside from warehouses and distribution centers, Hill & Wilkinson has well ventured into manufacturing facilities. The firm has done it all from automotive, trucking, aviation, metals, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and natural gas distribution industries. Such vast experience has allowed the firm to be adaptive to unique work environments, equipment, and processes. Take, for example, the Cummins Southern Plains Dallas Maintenance & Engine Rebuild Facility. For this engine remanufacturing facility, the firm worked on 14 individual bridge cranes that can remove engines up to 90 liters, as heavy as 60,000 pounds.


4100 Fossil Creek Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76137


In the general contracting territory, SEDALCO conquers the design, bid, and build. The foundation of this mastery lies in the firm’s solid collaborative team approach and 35 years of experience in smoothing the project delivery processes. Such an edge is advantageous to industrial projects that are strict in schedule, cost, and safety—all while requiring the highest quality work.

The company is currently headed by its president, Russ Garrison. Aside from overseeing SEDALCO’s day-to-day management, he has also served on key organizations in the industry, such as TEXO which is affiliated with both Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). He continues the leadership and ideals set forth by founder Bill Young and chairman Tom Kader.

SEDALCO’s work encompasses projects in commercial, industrial, educational, and municipal markets. Feature here is the work it did for the Texas A&AM Agrilife Research and Extension Center. The company completed the project within the existing facility. Project spaces include laboratory and research spaces, meeting /collaborative spaces and administrative offices.

MYCON General Contractors, Inc.

17311 Dallas Parkway Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75248

About MYCON General Contractors, Inc.

On the verge of being laid off at work, MYCON Founder Charles R. Myers made a bold move to start his own company from a borrowed $2,000 and a converted garage. Since then, Myers has expanded MYCON to reach new heights, intending to diversify its people, processes, and markets. As a result, MYCON is now a full-service firm offering pre-construction, construction management, program management, special projects, design-build, using technology, and keeping sustainability in mind. Consequently, the company has been in ENR’s Top 400 Contractors for six consecutive years (2015-2020).

MYCON has also performed boldly in various markets including the industrial sector. The firm’s Distribution and Warehouse projects have reached the pages of 2019 ENR Texas and Louisiana Magazine. The DynaEnergetics facility in Blum has also been honored with the American Architecture Award 2020. One other example of the firm’s excellence is the Discount Tire Distribution Center which features 587 skylights that provide natural light to this 701,000-square-foot facility.

Peinado Construction

15815 Executive Dr. #500, Frisco, TX 75035

About Peinado Construction

Peinado Construction has the perfect profile to be on this list: It is a specialty-type construction provider that specializes in industrial projects in Dallas. Such specialty allows the firm to provide the best estimates as well as informed design and analysis. And as proof of experience, the firm has completed around 50 million square feet of “Tilt Wall” facilities in Texas.

One noticeable aspect in the firm’s industrial portfolio is its multiple projects for a single client. For example, the firm delivered eight various works for Caterpillar Inc. These projects include an engine assembly plant, a manufacturing assembly line, a sky bridge connector, and a global mining plant infrastructure in Denison. Additionally, for this project the firm built 150,000 square feet of specialized paving and utilities, and incorporated features such as specialized lighting, fume exhaust, HVAC, and dust collection systems.

K2 Construction

6688 N. Central Expy. Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75206

About K2 Construction

Before founding K2, Karl Kerr built some of the first major data centers in the state, making him a forerunner of the mission-critical industry. With 40+ years of experience, Kerr also became fond of building long-term industry relationships, which explains why 85% of K2’s business is repeat or referral clients. Now approaching 20 years in business, the firm has cemented relationships with various clients—from local startups to global Fortune 100 companies.

With Karl Kerr’s lingering influence, mission-critical projects have remained one of the specialties of K2. For example, pictured here is one of K2’s most notable completed projects. The then historic government building is now a Tier III data center, serving as a premiere space for colocation services in Dallas. And because K2 is known for data centers and a client-centered approach, the firm has been entrusted with seven distinct projects for this significant building. These projects include work on the interior finish and the Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) construction.

Gordon Highlander

4464 Sigma Road Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75244

About Gordon Highlander

To understand the values of Gordon Highlander, we must trace back to the ancient ancestry of the Gordon clan from the Scottish Highlands. The legacy of the Gordon family is pictured by a stag and the motto “Bydand,” which translates to “steadfast.” Gordon Highlander carries this legacy to three generations by being steadfast—honest, fair, and trustworthy. Such values enable the firm to thrive in a competitive industry. The company has been on the Top 50 Fastest Growing Mid-Market Companies, according to The Dallas Business Journal.

To Gordon Highlander, being honest, fair, and trustworthy means showing loyalty to clients. Gordon Highlander commits to providing customers with efficient and cost-effective solutions. As a result, the company wins 70% of its large industrial bids. Take, for example, the $4 million MI Windows project. Upon learning that this project was over budgeted during the design stage, the firm exhausted ways to reduce cost while adding value to the project. As a result, this signature work now features 387,000 square feet of manufacturing space with 4,000 amp service for efficient manufacturing operations. A metal fence and electric gate also secure the facility while doubling as an aesthetic element.

Nationwide Construction, Inc.

721 South 5th Ave., Mansfield, TX 76063

About Nationwide Construction, Inc.

As its name suggests, Nationwide Construction covers projects across the United States. As a result, the firm has amassed an impressive clientele, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors. Having such high-profile clients, the company upholds producing first-class design-build construction services. And with a turn-key process, the firm can design, engineer, and construct just like it did on the F35 assembly line for Lockheed Martin, pictured here.

The first-class services of Nationwide Construction have elevated many significant industrial businesses. For example, the firm worked on the 40,000-square-foot facility for Dallas Aeronautical Services that does extensive aircraft fuselage repairs. Another example is Ardex, a manufacturer of industrial self-leveling cement. The firm built this project using structural steel and pre-engineered building, which became the tallest structure in Mansfield. Finally, the company also helped COSMOCEL/ NUTRI AG—a Mexico-based global manufacturer of agricultural chemical products—by building its first U.S. facility.

Pecos Construction

8111 Lyndon B. Johnson Fwy. Suite 625, Dallas, TX 75251

About Pecos Construction

No matter the size or how specific the work is needed, Pecos Construction can do it all. This Dallas-based firm specializes in a wide range of project delivery methods, including ground-up work, additions, interior renovations, and complex concrete structures. Because of its flexibility and versatility, the company has gained the trust of many corporate clients across markets such as Mary Kay, FritoLay/PepsiCo, and DFW Airport.

American Airlines came to Pecos Construction for a specific replacement work in its headquarters central utility plant. In particular, the general contractor had to replace five cooling towers and associated condenser water piping. This thorough work required the firm to deliver in two phases. During the pre-construction phase, the firm contracted air-cooled chillers to supply the headquarters while the construction was ongoing. The actual replacement work was done in Phase II, where Pecos Construction installed new Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and electrical panels servicing equipment.

Monoxy Commercial Construction Contractors

675 Town Square Blvd. Suite 200, Garland, TX 75044

About Monoxy Commercial Construction Contractors

Monoxy Commercial Construction Contractors focuses on three industries: retail, office, and industrial. With two decades working in these industries, the firm understands that each sector differs from another. For example, the firm knows that industrial contracting work is not for everyone. In particular, industrial spaces can be more complex and are often more strict with schedule and budget.

Nonetheless, Monoxy managed to be a reputed industrial contractor in Dallas with years of experience, staying up to date with current industry standards and developing its capability to meet the codes. So whether the industrial project is small or large, remodeling or new construction, the company can handle it all. This full-service firm is also an expert in design-build and can take care of the project’s design.

Taurus Commercial Inc.

12200 Ford Street Suite 492, Dallas, TX 75234

About Taurus Commercial Inc.

The impressive clientele of Taurus Commercial attests to its abilities. The firm has many clients across various sectors, from industrial, sports, aviation, healthcare, and residential. In addition, being a full-service general contracting company, the firm can offer a wide range of construction services. For example, clients can get pre-construction, permit expediting, zoning coordination, fast-track construction, and complete post-construction services.

The company is an expert in all types of project deliveries specifically for warehouses. For example, Taurus Commercial has completed ground-up projects for Car Quest and Genesis Systems. The company has also remodeled the warehouses of Turnkey Project Services, Ameripac, and Alliance Sports Group. The firm also completed finish-outs for Unicorn Tile, Speed FC, and CED Frisco.

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